About Us

SkylightPayCard is the authorised online payment portal for all Skylight cards. Skylight cardholders get access to online bill pay, transaction history, and account balances. In order to obtain this card, you must first register at SkylightPaycard.com.

To make full use of your NetSpend SkylightPaycard and have online access to your account, you must activate it as soon as you receive it. The easiest method to accomplish this is through the SkylightPaycard webpage. With SkylightPaycard, you can access and manage your account from virtually any Internet-connected device.


At the time of activation, you will be asked to input your login information for the card’s online perks. From the homepage, select the “Login” link to enter the portal. If you want to do your SkylightPaycard business online, the website is mobile-friendly and accessible from any device.

You may use your credit card or debit card to pay online at a wide variety of retailers, petrol stations, and eateries. The organisation allows you to get access your funds from any location. It’s also worth noting that you won’t have to pay interest on your business card payments because the card isn’t really a credit card. SkylightPayCard accounts, however, have a very different login procedure than regular credit cards.

Customers of SkylightPayCard appreciate the ease with which the firm facilitates online payments. Customers may choose a method of payment that is convenient for them, safe, and quick. The registration process is straightforward and won’t require much of your time.

Anyone may apply for a Skylight Prepaid Card; we don’t check your credit or check your eligibility. Once a customer activates their Skylight PayCard as a prepaid card, they will also receive Skylight PayOptions at no additional cost.