If you’re sick of writing paper checks but don’t have an easy access bank account, the SkylightPayCard is a great alternative.


Skylight Prepaid Cards are available to anybody, regardless of credit history or physical ability. Once a customer activates their Skylight PayCard as a prepaid card, they will also receive Skylight PayOptions at no additional cost. There are a plethora of advantages to using the skylight gateway. Some of these advantages will be discussed in the following:

Quick and easy: There is no longer any delay while making a purchase using a SkylightPayCard. Skylight’s bank account has all of its accessible funds.

Skylight ONE is versatile, allowing you to withdraw cash from any of the more than one million ATMs across the world, or from any bank that accepts Visa or MasterCard (by name or credit card if you choose). Getting paid is a breeze for Skylight users who check in using the official site.

Universal: In addition to the portal, you may also use mobile app to gain access to all of the same features. Users can also get a second card to send money to loved ones in other countries. Moreover, additional cardholders can use their cards to make purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and sign for deliveries with their cards.

Subscribe to account updates and get text or email alerts about your card’s balance whenever it changes.

The Skylight Pay Card is a low-cost alternative to traditional payment methods including checks and money orders. However, account costs depend on how much money each user has already put into their service. The Skylight ONE Card is a prepaid debit card that may be used at participating restaurants, stores, and over the phone or internet without the need to pay a recurring charge.

Insurance: If a customer loses their card, replacing it is a breeze. New cardholders can receive a replacement card once per year at no cost. The money is also placed in a bank that is FDIC-insured.

The SkylightPayCard platform makes it simple for customers to control their finances. This virtual card and associated web makes it easy to keep track of spending, obtain instant reimbursements for commonplace purchases, and make purchases at your preferred eateries and retailers. SkylightPayCard is a powerful and flexible payroll system that offers a wide variety of features to both employees and companies.