Key Details

Numerous advantages and conveniences are available to those who use a SkylightPayCard. Nonetheless, if you’re curious about the inner workings of these services and the card, then you’ve come to the right place.

Users of the SkylightPayCard have access to a number of convenient features, such as online shopping, balance checking, and direct deposits. Some of our services and their descriptions are shown below.


Conveniently load funds onto your Netspend Prepaid Card by direct transfer. Paychecks, pensions, tax refunds, veteran’s benefits, and SSI may all be deposited directly into an individual’s bank account via direct deposit.

With mobile check loading, you may deposit checks into your Card Account whenever it’s convenient for you, bypassing the need to go to a branch. Once the Card Account has been credited, you can begin making purchases with the money. A few snaps with a camera, and you’re done.

Money Transfer: Netspend cards allow you to transfer and receive funds from loved ones. Customers using ACE Elite, Control, and Purpose Cards, as well as anybody else with a Netspend account, may send and receive money with one another.

With Anytime Alerts, you can set your settings anyway you like and receive notifications exactly when you want them. The following notifications can be sent on a daily, monthly, or per-transaction basis:

  • Specifics of Each Purchase
  • Funds Acquired
  • Deals were turned down
  • Proposed Budget Announcements

Earn cash back on certain everyday purchases with Netspend Cashback Rewards. If you use the programme frequently, you’ll start receiving emails with more Cashback Rewards offers. The very greatest aspect is that there is no cost associated with taking part. Enjoying benefits is simple. All you have to do is make selections in your Account Center and the offers will start piling up!

A $20 reward is given to both you and your buddy when they sign up for a new Netspend Prepaid Card using your referral link and load at least $40 onto the card. After acquiring a Netspend card, your friends and relatives may instantly send you money or receive it from you. There are no costs associated with being late or paying interest because this is not a credit card. This means you can confidently send your friends over.